Thursday, 12 February 2015

If I had $100,000 dollars by Tyra

If I had $1000,000 I would spend it on a flash house by a nice, shimmering blue, splashing wet waves, bright beach. It will have burning hot sticky sand, and tall juicy brown cracking coconuts. The colour of my house is going to be lightish blackish. I will also have a bright and flash car.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Dear Big Sister by Lilia

Dear Big Sister,

I am going to be straight with you. It was very annoying that you tried to tickle me in my sleep. It didn't work. But I got you back. Last night I sneaked into your room and whispered in your ear "Eat your your soup." So thanks for that and I hope you had dreams about being forced to eat soup

from your little sister.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Tomas and his helicopter 

Tomas has a red helicopter. It has two rotar with a back door. The back door opens and shuts and you can put tiny Lego bricks in it. The wheels move and when you push it it moves. It took a long time to make. "I like my helicopter." said Tomas.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Hockey Game by Stacey

Bang! Abby hit the ball into the goal.
"We scored!" shouted Zoe.
The other team shouted, "Oh No! They have 1 point so far, and we have no points!"
Then suddenly, we had to start again and Abby hit another goal. After the game was finished, we had prize giving and surprise, surpise, Abby got the Player of the Day certificate and Neve got the trophy. After Zoe came back to my place and we played head bands! The awesome day finshed when we dropped Zoe off back at her house.
The Adventures of Evie and Chloe by Neve

Once upon a time there were two fairies called Chloe and Evie. Once they were walking in the forest. Suddenly they heard a crackle in the bushes.

"What was that?" called Evie.
"I don't know" said Chloe. "I think it is that evil goblin who stole my magic jewel.
"I have a plan to catch that Goblin." said Evie. "We can use our magic wands to make a sticky net made of candy floss to through over him."
"Great idea" said Chloe.
When they had made the net they sneaked up towards the bushes where the goblin was hiding. They through the sticky, candy floss net over the goblin and trapped him.
Chloe flew up to the net where the goblin was struggling to get out. She grabbed the magic jewel and she flew quickly up to the highest tree in the forest.

The two fairies flew back to their toadstool house in fairy land and lived happily ever after.

Loom Bands by Ricky

"Nooooo! My loom band snapped again." I yelled
Earlier that day I brought some loom bands. I brought 1200 of them! I made a fish tail and a triple single. When I was making the fish tail the rubber band snapped and it all broke. I had to start again, and in the end I made 15!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

dreams works heroes

countdown has some new awesome dream works heroes action cards to collect. there are heaps of  cards to collect like p'o and turbo and  puss in boots and more . you can get an album .